What I Can Do for You

– by William Horton Photography

The services I offer my clients include:

Real Estate Buying & Selling

I can help you locate the best property based on your criteria for location, use, and structure.  In real estate they always say that the top 3 most important things are:  location, location, and location!  With that in mind, finding the perfect location for your project is top priority.  Sometimes, those locations don’t exactly have your idea of the dream buildings on them.  Let me help you see beyond what is there, and instead, see what it could become. 

Architecture & Planning

Once you have located and purchased your new project, the fun begins.  Brainstorming the “what ifs” along with “what we need” and “what we would love to have” is where the creative out-of-the-box thinking comes into play.  Reimagining something so that it has relevance to a more current lifestyle can be exciting and amazing. Learn more about my architectural business.

a la carte Design Services

I like to offer clients an a la carte style menu of services.  Every project is different, as is the client.  Some clients want to be immersed in every aspect of the project while others want the design professional to handle all of the details.  I find that these are the typical options that clients request for their projects:

Hourly services

My hourly services include putting together a team to handle your project from concept through construction, including:

  • Architectural Eye – I can be hired hourly to help you make those design decisions that are starting to make your head swim.  Many clients get overwhelmed by the sheer number of questions and decisions to be made during the course of a project.  I can put together a Style Palette for materials and/or furnishings for both interior and exterior projects.  I can choose the actual items for you or I can give you a guide that will help you make selections/decisions as you go.  I am also just a phone call away should you want/need to bounce an idea off of me for a second opinion. Here is additional information about this service.
  • Construction Consultant – I can be hired to make site visits during the construction process and to aid in the communication between the contractor and you; I have great communication skills and am able to think out-of-the-box when issues arrive during construction; saving time and money by keeping things on track, without losing your design vision for your project.

Set-Fee Services

My set-fee services start with an initial consultation. I will advise you on which conceptual design option is the best fit based on the function needed, your budget, and your schedule. I will:

  • Assemble a list of technical resources to get the work done.
  • Develop an outline/strategy for getting through the process and for getting your project started and on the right track.
  • Be available to come back and verify that things are moving along as planned on an hourly basis.